In a tough situation, any advice?

Well, I love this girl. I've loved her for such a long time but for personnel reasons, I couldn't push myself to make a move, until this year. This year we started talking more and it was awesome. The problem is that I screwed up (not gonna get into details) and it wasn't even that bad. However, the problem is that after I screwed up, I didn't do anything to fix it, I just let it be. Which surprises me because normally I fight for what I love but I just dropped it. I acted like an idiot and now its killing me because day by day, I pass by her willing to talk to her again like we used to, but it seems like she doesn't want to anymore (don't think that's true, but that's the impression she's giving). I think she wants me to start talking to her by giving hints here and there (she looks at me when she`s talking to another boy/friend, kinda like rubbing in a little), plus we are in the same group of friends and I just want to fix this to avoid the awkwardness. But what do I do? I love her and I'm starting to feel down day by day because we just talk anymore, its really making me feel like crap. There is four weeks of school left, what are little things that I can start doing so that maybe we start talking more and that she could actually consider hanging out with me this summer?

And, how can I avoid feeling so depressed about this? If I show her that I'm in a good mood, she'll want to talk to me more, but how can I be in that good mood when I feel like crap because I'm not talking to the one person who I want to talk?

And, if you want to know my reasons for not trying in the past or what happened that I screwed up, let me know and I'll gladly explain it to you!

Thanks for any advice! Its really appreciated:)


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  • What can you do to get her attention? Stay single.

    Depressed about this? Become a very busy guy. Busy people don't have time to get depressed. Go find 5 girls and date them. When one lets you won't get down if you have other options.

    Yeah..send me a message explaining the past details. Might help you.