Can guys like girls that act like bros?

I have a best friend, let's call him... Jack. I guess... So, we're best friends, and we have a lot in common. I have dated his friend... Mark O.o... Towards the start of the school year for like 2 months, but that was before I hung out with them. We game together all the time too. He dated our friend Cristy for 3 days she cheated on him with Carl. She said she broke up with him, cause she knew I liked him, even though I said they could. Aside from Karsen my best friend who's a girl he's the only one I've told about the stuff going on in my house, my grades, etc. Anywhoo, we haven't had one serious fight all year, like we tease each other, not fight. It's like, if one of the guys said something like that to me, I'd be pissed, but with him I come back with a comeback, then him, then me, then him, then I say something stupid, we look at each other for like 5 seconds before bursting out laughing. Anyway, guys. Is it possible, to like the girl your 'bros' with? Oh, and when I was dating Mark Cristy's like "I bet she'll brake up with you within a week!" and Jack said "I get her next!" followed my tons of laughing. All year people have asked if we're dating, because Ppearantly, we're always together. Even on the weekends, we're either Xbox Live-ing, or Facebooking. *sigh* opinions?

And we're all friends.


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  • As long as she doesn't fart in front of me it's all good..


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