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ive had a new girlfriend for two days. I'm ajunior, she's a sophmore. at like 730pm she made a Facebook post, "got asked to prom today!" so we were texting the whole time. I asked her and she said she was going to tell me tomorrow. I asked if she responded and she said no. I ask what she's gonna say and she says "let's talk about it tomorrow." also I've known the kid that asked her since I was in kindergarten and him in 1st grade. I don't think he knew we were going out, should I ask him to take the offer back or should I just see who she chooses? cause she knows he's moving off out of the area for college as soon as summer starts and they would never last. but would she even consider choosing him?

today before school we're talking upon her request. hopefully the next time on here she hasn't broken up with me.
she didn't breakk up today and I'm begrudgingly letting her go. she already signed the paper. should I break up with her?


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  • Why can't she go to prom with a friend?

    • should I just let that happen? well, as of last night she said "lets talk tomorrow before 1st period" so either she's gonna break up with me, give me some say, or tell me she told him no.

    • She wants to know if you're OK with her going. Let her go have fun with her friends. She is your girlfriend but that doesn't mean the only person she's allowed to have a life with is you.

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  • umm If she is your girlfriend why would she not take you to prom?

    "that doesn't mean the only person she's allowed to have a life with is you." No but your her boyfriend. I wouldn't want my boyfriend going to prom with another girl since I'm his!

    I personally think its weird that she is going with another dude/chosing another dude over you.

  • If your her boyfriend she shouldn't consider the other guy. Since he asked text her and ask her to be your date to prom.

    • i forgot to mention: at our school, only seniors can ask out prom. like 2 juniors or younger. one has to be a senior. messed up I know

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