How much initiative should a girl take in contacting and plans?

he texted me today "so if I don't text you I guess I will never hear from you" we talk every day, phone and text, but I do usually wait for him most of the time, because from my experience, when guys are into you they will make most of the effort. and I have shot him a message a few times.

so, does this mean he wishes I would contact him more?

also, I was going out with my friends and I told him getting there is a pain so he said "that's why you should come see me instead" and I said "well you didn't ask me to" so he said "so I always have to ask before we get together?"

does this mean he wants me to initiate plans with him too? because usually I don't.

i guess he thinks we have a thing?


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  • Sorry to say it but I don't think that he's into you too much. If he was into you he'd initiate contact and plans not to mention he would likely go and see you and not wait for you to go see him.

    • did you read the whole thing? he texts me every single day. he just started our conversation like that one day. and he also makes plans with me and asks "so when can I see you again"

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