Am I making a mistake with this girl?

i've had a really close friend that is a girl (i'm a guy) for about 3 years but during that time I have been busy with other relationships...anyway I'm single now and the past few weeks she has been fb chatting and texting me quite a bit and opening up to me about her trouble, so last night my friend was hitting on her and she said no to him and I told I had something to ask her in private so we went to her room after some lame excuse and this is how the exchange went:

her: do you want to hook up too?

me: actually I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner with me on Saturday

her: really? OK !

me: is italian food good?

her: yeah! that's good!

so I proceded to text her how I've been meaning to ask her that for a while and have been afraid to ask and she said "I'm down if you were serious !"

1) is this a date? as in something more than friends?

2) should the fact she's slept with 5-6 guys without actually having a boyfriend be worrisome to me?

3) I really like her for her personality and would like to see if we can go somewhere, what kind of attitude should I have going into this?


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  • 1) clarify with her! That's key although I would assume it is a date

    2) Hey, maybe she was just looking for Mr. Right- she has trouble you say? Perhaps she is trying to figure it out on an emotional level, but is going about it in the wrong way.

    3)Just be open. You don't need to ask what attitude you need! It shouldn't be forged, it should be natural. Just my opinion

    Best of luck :)

  • Hey Dude, You like her? go for her...she is all your as long as she is will be comes to us through different ways en we never know who the right person may be..good luck!


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