How do I get rid of her?

OK so I've been trying to get the guy I like that tried to kiss me as I mentioned in my other questions and I've taken people's advice and have been trying to get him on my own to talk to him and hopefully kiss him. But, I nearly had the opportunity quite a few times but there is this girl which is his cousin who keeps getting in the way and I want her to go away. How do I do this without sounding rude? help!


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  • get a friend of yours to distract her

    • nobody likes her so she hasn't got many friends so nobody would do that

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    • why can't you all be friends?...and when she goes to the bathroom you make your's not as if they are joined at the hip...but it sounds to me as if you are just trying to corner him...and therefore I take back my apology.

    • i don't think you realize what has gone on. he tried to kiss me when we were alone and I turned away for some odd reason and I am gutted about it and want him to try again. People have told me because I rejected him once he's not going to bother again so I have to do it myself. So all I want is time alone with him to do this. I am not a bitch at all.

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