Do you think he will call/text me eventually?

A guy and I had been seeing each other for about a month, but since the school year ended he didn't want a long distance thing, he didn't want to deal with a relationship, so I falsely mutually agreed to it.

After we decided on that, we still talked everyday and sent flirty texts. I just could not stand the mind games because he didn't seem flirty in person but only via text messages, so I told him I did not want to say goodbye to him for the summer and we should not have communication because I could not be "just friends" with him. He said he is sorry I felt that way and that it's understandable and for me to have a good summer.

Do you suppose he will contact me eventually? I have had urges to text him but I have felt good and it has been over a week.


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  • well he might not. you pretty much told him not to.