[Guys] What are some ways to make him "get" that you are flirting..?

So this guy and I met about 2 months ago through mutual friends.. he told my friend to tell me to call him.. well we have been texting since then. I am assuming he is flirting with me because he ALWAYS puts ; ) in his text messages.. but I need some subtle ways to flirt with him without making me look desperate or something.. just something cute, please help!


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  • Spread a little hope that he actually has chance with you. Send him little signs of interest from time to time that make him come forward:

    Show unclenched hands

    Play with your hair or caress other objects. Push your fingers through your hair

    Pick some fluff of his jacket (even if there is none!)

    Face him directly and slightly lean forward every now and then

    Wet and bite your lips from time to time


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