What happened with this guy?

I have a predicament. There's this guy I met, we hung out twice. the first date he gave me a bracelet and the second date he brought me a rose (both times we ended up fingering me and such, but I told him I was a virgin and he was fine with that-said that doesn't change how he thinks of me). Last weekend, he went out with his friends to a bar on Friday and I was going to a bar on Saturday.

But since Saturday, things have changed drastically. He used to bombard me with texts everyday throughout the day since the first night we met. He always called me beautiful, sexy, etc. and I'd call him sexy and good looking back. I thought things were moving fast, but I didn't say anything to him. I had a break down on Friday and he called me Saturday and asked what was wrong (I had told him I was upset Friday night, so he called me) and I told him I just was unhappy with how I looked (I started the pill and I feel so fat and gross). He said not to worry and such. Then Saturday night, I told him I might drunk text him and he said he didn't mind. I didn't, as I was busy meeting other people and dancing.

Anyways, since then he's been totally opposite. Barely texts me, doesn't call me anymore. Very short messages. I don't know what happened. I texted him Saturday when he asked how I think we are, I said I liked it and that we need to go slow since I'm not used to this (he said that's fine, we have lots of time). See, he was the same all through Saturday during the day, but on Sunday and through to now, he's different.

I asked him did I say something wrong Saturday and he says no I didn't. I didn't text him yesterday and later in the night he finally texted me.

I don't know if he found another girl Friday night or what, but I'm super upset. Yes, I went to the bar Saturday to meet new guys, but before you call me a slut or whatever I don't think me and him are exclusive-he never asked me and he hadn't changed his Facebook relationship status thing.

But he always texted me throughout the day. I'm really really sad, I told him he can tell me if I said something wrong-but he says I didn't. I tried to call him now since I asked him today if I could and he's like "sure." No answer.

What happened?


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  • I don't know. If you really wanted him to dote on you, then you should have asked him if he wanted to date you. If I was flirting with a girl, and basically leading up to dating her, then I heard that she went out to meet other guys, I would consider myself friend-zoned. And it is like with my ex, she dumped me and I really did want to get back together with her. But then I found out that she was dating someone else. Before we dated and during, I texted, called, or found some way to talk to her every day. Now I talk to her about once a week. My guess is that either he met someone else, or considered himself friend-zoned when you went out to meet guys. Unless I was trying to get a FWB situation, I wouldn't be talking to a friend as much as someone I was romantically involved with. Since your still a virgin, I doubt you would ever be in the FWB situation, so he probably just considers you a friend. Ask him why he has been less eager lately, he'll probably just tell you what is wrong. Also keep in mind that guys don't express emotion like girls. Even if you do offend one, he'll generally assume it is his problem and suffer in silence or just when he is alone. When I was depress over a girl, the only things my friends noticed was that I wasn't as outgoing, but not that I was actually hurt. That is why I think that he says nothing is wrong.

    • He contacted me and said he's boss has been a jerk and such. I don't know, he didn't know I was going out to meet other guys. For all I know, when he went out maybe he was looking for another girl-I doubt it, but you never know. But good advice

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  • well, he could have met someone new. But it sounds to me more like he is pulling back and giving you some space since you asked him slow it down.

    • Maybe, but he hasn't texted me back from when I called him either :'(

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    • Ah, I should be used to this by now. Whenever I decide I want something, it's too late or I can't have it. Yeah, I'd say it's done. He's a year younger than me, I usually don't go for guys younger than me, but I made an exception for him. Stupid me. Thank-you.

    • I hear you girl and I am there with you. You're welcome :)

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