How important is a girl's experience to a guy?

I'm 18 and the guy I'm talking to is 24. He isn't a virgin and I haven't gone farther than kissing a guy. What are some tips so I know what I'm doing?


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  • I completely understand where you're coming from.

    I was 19 and had never even made out with anyone before when I started dating my last boyfriend, who was 23. I learned that he had been in a three year long relationship in the past, along with one-night-stands and another three month long relationship. So he had plenty of experience.

    I was really scared because I really liked him but didn't know if I'd be any good at anything. We'd be together and I could tell he wanted to kiss me but I was too nervous to move! Well, one night when he dropped me off at my dorm, I gave him a quick peck and dashed to the door. After that I texted him and apologized for being so awkward and inexperienced. He told me it was okay, and that we'd work through everything together.

    Next time I was at his house watching tv, we really made out for the first time. He told me I was good at it. :) From there over the next few months of our relationship, he was gentle and always asked if I was okay any time he did something new. From humping, touching, nibbling, to fingering... he was always supportive and would stop the minute he thought I wasn't enjoying myself. And he told me I was beautiful and how much he liked me.

    So in a nutshell, just talk to the guy about your insecurities. If there's ANY chance of the relationship going somewhere, he'll be understanding and a gentleman.


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  • experience is not important

    what is important though is desire

  • It is not important to me at all.


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