Once a week enough?

if the guy you are seeing only chills with you once a week, texts you a lot but seems a bit unavailable, what's going on?

he doesn't always answer when I call or text


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  • He's playin you hard girl! If a guy were into you he would call you more often. When you call does he pick up?

    I once dated a guy like that. He was hot and I kinda had a feeling he was a whore. Turns out he was. he was not only seeing me but had a Girlfriend and was Fucking 2 other chicks. Yuck! Stay away!

    • If its not that, what e;se could it be?

    • He could just be a dumb ass and is scared to talk to you over the phone. Or if he's a real mans man he could be all about his buddies right now and doesn't want to seem like a pansey for picking up your calls all the time. So, in turn, he just text you....

    • Youre prob right lol. get this; he texts me yesterday. I text him back and he responded tonight!!! how dumb he should have just lied and said his ohone was messed up. lol