Me and my boyfriend just broke up and his best friend makes a move?

Right after me and my boyfriend broke up, his best friend of 7 years starts talking to me. At first I thought he was just being nice, and so I agreed to hang out with him when he suggested it to cheer me up. Well, he told me so many nice things and complimented me a ton. He made it pretty obvious I think that he wasn't just being there for me in a hard time as a friend. I didn't flirt back or anything, I was actually really disappointed that he would go behind my ex's back and also think he could take advantage of my situation. He seems disappointed at my lack of flirting because now he's not talking to me much. What should I do? Just ignore it?

I know it was a lousy thing to do on his best friends part. My question is: should I do anything about it (like tell my ex)? I don't really think I should say anything because it would cause problems, but I also feel really bad leaving him in the dark like that.


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  • All's fair in love and war. You and your Boyfriend broke up. He should not be concerned about what you do now. If you don't like the guy, don't go out with him - but you should be flattered that he has taken an interest in you. Chances are he felt like that all along.

    If you do like him, maybe you should go out with him. Don't discount him just because he's your exes friend.

    • I'm not interested in him. You would do something like that to your best friend? Gee, I'm starting to lose faith in people :(

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    • Eh, I could prove it, but I'm starting to think it will just cause too many problems. I just feel bad that his "best friend" did this and he will never know :(

    • Just remember this...the truth always comes out, whether one wants it to or not

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  • Well if you want your ex and his friend to get into a fist fight, don't say a word. Let it all happen behind your ex's back. But don't hate your ex when he beats the sh*t out of his "friend". All I have to say I just did this to my "friend". He can go rot in piss. If you don't want any drama tell your ex's friend to back off.

    • I don't think anything will come out if I don't say anything. I just think it sucks that he thinks this guy is such a great friend who's there for him when reality he's not. I'm not going to say anything though.

    • Well sounds like this "friend" of his is a snake. He will find out sooner, or later and when that happens, either your ex and his friend will get in a fight, you will lie and say nothing is happening, or you will tell him the truth no matter how bad it hurts. One way or another your ex will find out, and something between them two will happen.

  • You have a good moral compass...Shame on that guy for trying to step in and take his best friends ex (what kind of a friend is that, he should be cheering up his best friend) I try to stay away from my friends girlfriends and try not to flirt or anything... because in the end who do you really have, but your close friends?

  • Do what's right for you. If you need time to heal, take your time. If you need company in the form of a relationship that's not serious, go ahead. But I'd advise that to be with someone else and make it clear right from the start you're not looking long-term for the time being.

  • Damn that guy is a piece of sh*t.

    • If you guys are broken up, just don't say anything and move on. Not only will they have drama, they may even blame you for lying and instigating it.

  • Disgusting. I'd rather be tortured to death than do that to my best friend.

  • wow @ how guys just turn on each other for sex objects

    • Well I'm not a sex object, but I was very disappointed by the guy. I mean, knowing this guy for 7 years and you have no loyalty to him? It made me upset :(

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