Guys would you do this if you didn't like the girl?

Would you consistently bring up a scenario involving dating the girl if you didn't like for instance you say to her "if we were dating..." and then proceed to say something you would do together or ask a question..


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  • Nope, I only do that with girls I like. I would also bring up a scenario with girls I don't like but at the end I add that we wouldn't be dating though cause we're really good friends. :-)

    • thanks for the info :) so if he didn't add at the end "we wouldn't be dating" that means he thinks about dating me at least?

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    • okay that makes sense :) does it make a difference though if he hasn't directly asked me out yet though? I don't want to get involved with something that is just about sex or that I'll get hurt from :S

    • It makes a difference. If he hasn't asked you out then it's maybe because he wants to see if you'll respond well to it in case you're not interested. So maybe he is waiting to see if maybe you'll give him a chance or he isn't ready to take the next step cause he's afraid that he may ruin the friendship you already have.

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