But seriously, what is wrong here? Is there a way to make it happen?

Its never worked for me to make the first move and guys don't approach me or find me attractive either so I've built walls, very strong and very high ones. there's this guy who I've caught looking at me whenever we've been in the same class or passing on campus since 2010, and we don't say anything to each other, yet we can both tell that we stare at each other.

Accidentally, we go to the same gym too. totally a coincidence, so its twice as awkward since we don't talk, we just stare. not always, but more times than not. how do guys see girls at the gym? Also, even though he looks and notices me when we are in the same room , class or gym, he will intentionally ignore looking at me or noticing me when we are very close in proximity, so I can't even establish that "smile". what is wrong here? does he hate me because of my walls?


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  • I'm sorry to hear that making the first move hasn't really worked out for you. However, it's impossible for him to know, much less hate, that you even have put up walls if he's never talked to you.

    You could still give him a smile when you get the chance, wait for him to make the move, or just put him in the back of your mind since he isn't doing anything. You've done nothing wrong though.

  • Walk by him when he's working out and say HI while looking at him but continuing to walk. Something simple may just break the ice and then get you 2 talking.


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