Why does my guy best friend not want to hang out with me?

I've had a guy best friend for the last two years. We're best friends at school but he never asks me to hangout. I'm really confused because we get along so well and It's making me feel as if he doesn't really want to be best friends.

Do some guys just not want to hang out with people on weekends or is it that he doesn't want to hangout with me?

And should I accept that he doesn't want to be best friends and find a someone new to be my best friend and hangout with them?


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  • No such thing as being best friends with the opposite gender

    • I know a lot of people say that.

      I was slightly keen on him on and off for a while but I never told him and even If he did know, I don't think It bothers him. I think I'ts pretty obvious he doesn't like me since he never texts or asks to hangout. I'm happy to have him as a best friend without anything more but I'm just confused why he doesn't want to hangout

    • No such thing as best friends with the opposite gender!

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  • MAybe he just doesn't see you that close of a friend to hangout.

    • I've always thought we were so close though, we talk to each other about anything and we've hanged out on the weekend several times even though I'm the one to always ask. At school, It's only me, him and my other two friends who hang out at recess and lunch. He doesn't hangout with anyone from school after school. At his birthday party it was only us three who were invited from school and the rest were his relatives who are around the same age. We seem like best friends but I may be misreading it

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