Should you hear from him if he's away on business?

Been dating for a month, not exclusive but he contacts me every single day! And we text through the day. He left on business last night and we spoke beforehand. He's only gone for the weekend.

Should I expect to hear from him? He didn't say I wouldn't. Some of my friends say since we talk every day he should at least text a little. Others say we aren't exclusive and he may be busy, and it is only a few days.

I will be very sad if I don't hear from him because come on talking every single day for weeks already is a lot. What should I do/expect?

I don't want to look clingy because we aren't exclusive. Anyhow so if I don't hear from him I shouldn't worry? Last we spoke he was going to the airport, last evening.


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  • This depends on a lot of factors, but it mainly comes down to how busy and worn out he'll be. If he's with other people, it could be inappropriate to be texting in the business setting, and if they go into late hours, either with business or socially (which helps strengthen the business relationship, to be honest), he may not have time or be too tired to hold a conversation by the time he does. Since y'all have talked every day up to this point, I'm sure he'll want to. If he didn't, he wouldn't still be talking to you while in town. If you don't hear from him the first day, you could send a message saying something simple like, "I miss talking to you and can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back. Hope you're having a good time. Could you text me goodnight when you turn in tonight?" That depends on if saying goodnight is something y'all do already, but it's something that wouldn't be too forward, but would let you have some connection while he's gone.

    • There's a chance that if he didn't text, he could be interested in someone on the trip, but it's most likely that he's busy. To be completely honest, I wouldn't worry.

  • He's probably busy. But hey, I'd leave a message.

    • It is still very early in the day, but I don't want to seem clingy while he is away. I'm not his wife

    • Eh, don't look too much into it then. Go find something else to fill your time.

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