Guy ceases contact on business trip?

But we have been talking daily at his initiative, for weeks, and dating but not exclusive, no sex yet either. It is only a weekend trip and he has a very busy career.

The other day he also said he feels like he would never hear from me if he didn't contact me.

What would you do? If you are a guy what would you want me to do in this position?

Should I be concerned? should I text him tomorrow? Don't want to be clingy.

It is just that I I've gotten so used to hearing from him every day. He was still texting me while he was in the car to the airport.


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  • If I was him I woldn't give you the low down ... I'd just stop calling and think you were uninterested or selfish =(

    • But he's on his trip and busy. Won't he get annoyed? I know guys like their space.

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    • Umm, it;s pretty safe to say you aren't going to make it over the next hurdle, more likely that you will trip and land on your face ... thanks for playing.

    • What are you talking about

  • He has told you effectively to start contacting him if you are really interested and you have not,so I would suggest you start or he will give up,I know I would as you are not really showing any interest.

    • Yeah but I'm confused. I'm sure he's busy and I'm not his girlfriend so I worry I will seem clingy.

    • So I should text him?

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