So is he going to prom for me?

I asked this guy to go to my prom with me after hanging out with him a few times(he goes to a different school and we didn't know each other initially). In addition, my friend was planning on going to our prom with his friend from the same school. Since we're still getting to know each other and he doesn't know everyone at my school, I thought he would only be okay with going with me if his friend went with my friend...turns out his friend ditched my friend for prom and now he would have to be the only one from his school going. I texted him saying I'd be fine,no hard feelings and understand if he felt uncomfortable and didn't want to go because I had another date option, and he replied saying "no I'll still go.its not like I was going to hang out with him"(his friend) is he implying he's going for me? I can't tell


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  • The guy has a crush on you and its his dream to be your date to the porm

    If you like him too then try showing him a good time


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