Would she have texted me if she was interested?

We met last Monday. Went on a maybe date on Wednesday. (I'm not sure if she thought it was a date or not but I think so?) She texted me after it and we talked for a little. Then she didn't text me thurs so I texted her on Friday. We talked for a very short time before I ended the conversation. Now it's been all of Saturday and she hasn't texted me. I'm just not sure if we went on a date or not. And girls, when you date a guy, how much do you text him if you're interested? Am I just worrying about nothing? She's the cutest girl I've ever dated. And her personality is amazing as well :) so I just want this to be the one!

  • Yeah, she should have texted you.
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  • Nah, it doesn't mean anything that she hasn't texted you.
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  • She's waiting for you to text her.
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  • Girls don't always like to text first because they feel it makes them look needy. Try texting her again for a long time before stopping it and ask her out again! Also when did you go on the date? If it was during lunch, it may have been a friend date. Next time ask her out for dinner

    • I'll send you a private message :) will be easier than talking through a comment!

    • I can't send you a message because we're not friends yet... so I sent you a friend request! You should accept it then I'll send you the message :) thanks a ton!

  • Most girls wait for the guy to text them. I'm not saying it's right, but most girls do this. If she responds well I would say it's a good sign.


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