How long do you wait?

I gave this guy my number on Friday and I am waiting on him to text me. Guys usually text me within 24 hours of getting my number. But not him. I tried to consider all the reasons as to why he may not have texted me but the more I think about it, the more I think that he's just not in to me.

Honestly, I don't really know because some days I feel like he's head over hills for me and other days he just seem distant. (Is he a shy guy?) Maybe giving him my # was a bad idea. Should I have waited until he asked me for my # instead of just giving to him?

How long do you guys wait to text someone after they give you their number? Does it depend on if you like them or not?


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  • Depends on if I like them and if I feel like playing games or not. If I like them and I don't feel like playing games, as in if she likes me she likes me if she doesn't then f*** her. Then I might text her within 24hrs cause I feel like it and don't give a f*** about the three day rule. If I want to play games then I wait a while to make sure she doesn't think I am desperate, tends to also increase my success rate. If I am not that into her, I might not text her for about a week.

    • Would you say that most guys think like this?

    • A lot of guys follow the three day rule and a lot of guys just call when they feel like which may be soon or maybe later depending on how busy they are and how into the girl they are.

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