Do you think texting him could do any more harm?

There's a guy that I'll hang out and fool around with sometimes. We kinda had a falling out last week and I texted him twice this week with no reply to any of my texts so I haven't heard from him since last Friday. Anyway, I don't feel like going out and my friends are either hanging out with their boyfriends or out of town. I was thinking about texting him to see if he wants to come over but I don't know if that would be stupid since I haven't heard from him in over a week and I don't want to look clingy or desperate (even tho I guess I kinda am tonight). What do you think? Should I just do it since I don't really have anything to lose or just suck it up and be by myself tonight?


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  • I think you'll feel better about yourself if you don't text him.

    If he hasn't responded to your texts, he probably isn't ready to see you yet. And even if you feel desperate tonight, do you really want him to know that?

    There are two outcomes if you text him: one is that he will come over, and things could either go good or bad from there ... the other outcome is that he won't text back, and you'll spend the whole night feeling anxious and miserable. On balance, I don't think it's worth it.

    Find something else to do that you enjoy, and commit yourself to having a good time alone tonight. You'll probably feel better about yourself in the morning if you do that than if you text him.


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  • His not replying to your texts signifies that he doesn't want to hang out with you yet. Just let him be. Don't text or ask him to come over. Find something to keep you occupied.