Did I act fair or bitchy?

Im dating, a divorced guy for a month or so. In the getting to know each other phase he has mentioned his ex and how things ended and so on. He has even mentioned the restaurant where he proposed. At first I understood, and was patient listening about the ex, that way I know his past experiences that made him who he is today. However, I think there should be a limit to this information. Do I asked him as a favor to not mention her anymore and to never take me to that restaurant. He agreed. Today when we hung out I found out that his ex was in the same place we were at. he mentioned to me and I was kinda bothered but tried to move on, but then his friends started to tease him about her. I got upset but the discrete kind, only showed it in my face and left with him. I refused to kiss him goodnight. Did I act fair or bitchy?


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  • it was fair but pushing the edge of bitchy you could have talked to him about it on the way home and gave him some room to appaulogize since the friend thing wasn't his fault.

    but it possibly was his fault taking you to the same place as his ex. I would ask him


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  • Ummm ... weird scene. His ex just happened to be there ? I don't like the sound of this coincidence. It's alright for you to have doubt... I think if you wait a little more patiently the truth (whatever that is) is going to come out on this one =)

  • You should be more angry towards his friends.

    But if he keeps talking about his ex, he keeps thinking about her. I'm hoping for you that you aren't a rebound.

    You should make things clear to him, at the risk of ending the relationship.

    • dont be angry with his friends he can't control his friends be more disappointed at him since he didn't stick up for you in that situation

    • Well I meant, his friends have no respect for her.

  • If you're doing things because you want to do them without thinking of him, it's automatically bitchy...because selfishness is bitchiness. Just remember that!


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