What should I do if a guy I really like is mad at me for something that is my fault?

Okay, so I've been talking to this one guy for since March of this year & I really like him & everything but he's now mad at me. Mind you he's older than me. I'm 17 & he's 21 but anyway it started Saturday when I was mad at him because Friday when I asked him if he could come & get me for driving school he sounded like he didn't want to be bothered so I just said never mind & told him not to worry about it & he said "why"? Then I just told him not to worry about it again & we hung up after I told him that I'd call him back a little bit later. Later that day (Friday) I told him that it wasn't him, & that I just had to go because my mother had told me I could take her car to driving school & that she had told me to get off the phone. So then Saturday I text him & told him not to worry about coming to prom with me anymore because he was acting really young & like he wasn't interested in going with me. He said that he did want to go & "why would he get an all white tux if he didn't want to go"? So yeah I was still mad at him from Friday when I felt like he had an attitude but then when I called him & tried to talk to him about it he acted as if didn't want to talk to me & she just hung up. Then I tried calling him back a million times & he just began to ignore my calls. I apologized in EVERY way I thought was possible & right but he's still mad at me & won't communicate with me at all what so ever. I really do like him & I know that that was just out of of no where for me to just text him & start going off like that but like I said I did apologize as much as I could & called as many times as I could & he still won't answer my texts or calls because of what happened yesterday. I don't know what to do. I really like him, but he's EXTREMELY MAD with me even after I apologized & told him that I still wanted him to come to prom with me. I really wish he would just talk to me & forgive me. He said "I did him f***ed" up." & I apologized so many times & tried to call back so many times & told him that it was me it wasn't anything he did. I told him that it was just that time of the month & everything & that I still wanted him to come with me to prom. Should I call him back after I just called him so many times to see if he was okay? Do you think he will ever contact me back again? How can I know if he still cares about me in the long run?


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  • Okay. I'm going to help you because you sound like a sincere and are a very attractive lady. I have to admit that your situation is tough, but then again all challenging situations are tough. Have you tried actually talking to him face to face. Phone calls, texts, letters, emails, and even skyping are good, but nothing can beat a true in the flesh face to face conversation because the person is actually there. The guy needs to see your face and you need to tell him how you feel about him and that you want to resolve this situation that you're in. If this doesn't work then you two need to take a break and if this idea does not work or does not seem to your liking or his then you two might want to part ways to prevent any further hurt, pain, or disgust. However, honestly, since you two are serious, you didn't do anything to really hurt him. You just had to get off the phone for a second because your mom said so. It was not your fault. It was no one's fault. You didn't lie to him or cheat on him. You didn't abuse him at all (his pride might have been hurt some). And you did try to apologize in many ways (more than some people would). However, your boyfriend needs to let his emotional hurt go. I think it has escalated a little too far. That is my opinion and advice. I hope my response can help and I hope you two can mend your relationship. I hope he wants to mend his relationship because once again, you sound very sincere and are an attractive lady. Have a great day.

    • Thank you very much for your advice but we're just dating. We're not in a relationship & we haven't been dating that long & he's been pressuring me to have sex with him from time to time. He doesn't show any interest in me at all & the only time that he wants to see me is when he gets off work or real late at night. He never asks me out or anything & then when ever we're together all he tries to do is get physical with me, never wants to spend any quality time with me. Think he'll call back?

  • I don't think you have an way to fix this. It sounds like he's pissed off, and not going to get better any time soon. Yeah, you fucked up but what can you do? I say just give up. If he ever comes back to you it will be on his own terms, and when he's had a chance to cool off. Until then just acknowledge that you fucked up and take this whole thing as a life lesson learned, about dumping to conclusions, flying off, and telling a guy how you don't want to see him. You did this to yourself. Live with it. If he comes back, it's not by anything that you can do to fix it. So give up and move on.


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