Should we go away for the weekend?

I went to visit a guy friend at work, we were chatting and I told him I was going on a cruise to the Bahamas for Memorial day weekend(4 days). He smiles and says he so jealous and wants to go. I hold out my hand and his reply is I have a passport and might just go with you. We enjoy each others company but this is a fairly new relationship(about 6 months). We meet through business and you can tell it has potential, My question is do I offer in sincerity to take him? Do I pay? Do I remind him of the conversation or just leave it alone? I do believe we would have a fun time but it is a suite with a king bed...What would the implications be? Is he waiting for me to bring it up again... I know I am over thinking this but my cruise is in less than a week and I can financially handle it but I don't want him to feel some kind of way in terms of money... Men can be fickle that way. He takes me out and pays, is this so bad? Help!


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  • Have you already had sex with him? If so it shouldn't be a big deal.

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