What do you do to 'recover' from a drunken text/phone call episode?

So last night I had a few too many and was hanging out. I texted this guy I've known/had a thing for/with for a little while and asked what he was doing. We texted back and forth for a little bit and then he didn't respond to a text. I wanted to see him/thought he would have fun hanging out where I was/with the people I was with so I tried to call him and he didn't answer. This morning I felt a little 'clingy' because we had hung out the night before last and I felt like texting him too much in relation to him not responding and trying to call him (since I was a little drunk) would probably not come across the way I intended it to.

So, following a drunken text/phone call incident is it better to text or say something the next day about it or just let it 'blow over' and wait until they talk to you? I wouldn't care as much if it weren't someone I was involved with/trying to progress towards dating.


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  • Better to let it blow over. If he felt you were being clingy, then texting again would seem even more clingy. Except the next morning you won't have the drunk excuse anymore lol


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  • When you were drunk, do you recall your messages/ conversations? it's possible you offended him in a way ( a lot of girls laugh a lot when they're drunk and this could allow him to think you're making fun of him when you called him)


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