There's a boy that I like, but we're going to graduate?

There's a boy I like but once we graduate who knows how or if we'll see each other again. I think he may feel the same, but is it worth me trying, especially when it will be difficult to see each other?

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  • Go for it. If you don't, you may regret it for quite a while.


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  • If you have Facebook, add him on Facebook, its easiest way to see what he's been up to, if not, just ask him for his number say something like " I'd like to keep in touch, you've always been a good guy" (well, I said kind of corny but you get the idea)


What Girls Said 1

  • Go for it. If it works out you will probably be able to find a way to see each other. If not you won't ever have to see him again, if feeling awkward is something you are afraid of.

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