How to win a guy for yourself...

Alright, so I really like this guy, and I need some advice. (I'm sorry for the long story...)

Before Christmas break we started talking, and then he got my number from a friend and started texting me. We texted all Christmas break (most of the time he started texting), and then at a party a couple weeks after we kissed for the first time.

With my student association we have a party every week, and for about 6 weeks we kissed every time there was a party but he never asked me out. Then at another party after we kissed I was like: 'So is this how we're gonna roll, or do you wanna watch a movie sometimes', and he smiled and was like, well if that's what you want :)

But then he stopped texting me... I didn't see him for a week because I was on a skitrip, and after that he just stopped txting me, and we didn't kiss when we were at parties. The thing is though that he never stopped flirting with me, he would always try to touch me or make fun of me or something. But he does that to a lot of girls.

So last week I decided I was just gonna take matters in my own hand. He was at the same party and kept looking over, and touching me when I walked by and stuff. So just before he left I walked over and just kissed him without warning lol. He kissed me back and we kissed again. It didn't change anything though, he is still flirting with me but doesn't text me, and if I text him the conversation dies kinda fast.

I talked to a friend of me, and she thinks he's just insecure and wants all the girls to like him, and not be committed to one girl.

So guys, do I have a chance, and should I go for it? or should I let him be mister player, and ignore his flirting...? HELP


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  • Follow your heart. Direct contact is always the best way to find out what's for real and what's not. Girls and Guys are capable of giving all kinds of motherf***ing bitch ass signals without realising what they are doing.

    So confront him and ask him out. If he likes you he will say yes and if he doesn't, then at least you know for sure. Just don't give him excuse to postpone.


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