What little things can a girl do . .

That you love.

I asked out this guy on Friday and we've been texting since then, and we're going on a date to a movie next week.. what little things can I do over texting that are cute? and then how about when I see him again?


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  • Well you can take pics of your favorite underwear, and send them to him. Or do an Adam and Eve type of picture for him. Leaves over your nipples, and Vagina... That'll keep him interested.


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  • You can text flirt, text something like can't wait to see you :) and when you do see him just sit close to him and be smiley, if he holds your hand caress his hand with your thumb while holding his hand. Ps. Do Not Send him naked pics (ive heard so many girls regret that because that gives him the impression your easy and he might expose those pics to ) besides you are bearly going to date. Good Luck! :)