He said "at the end of the summer you will get a surprise"

so my boyfriend an I have been dating on an off for like a year he's graduating high school next month and I will be a senior next fall... we have been keeping it quiet I mean my parents know an his dad step mom and mom know but because we just didn't tell our friends... so yesterday we were hanging out like usual just going for a walk an he spun me around an was like "at the end of the summer you will have a huge surprise" what could it be! I'm like in total surprise


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  • Who knows? My mind automatically jumps to a marriage proposal or sex (if you haven't done that yet), just because those things are a really big deal. But it could be anything. A present, a trip... all you can do is wait to find out, unless he breaks down and tells you. Be prepared for anything, I guess, even something you might not want.

    • i was thinking marriage becuase he's a vergin an I am not an he knows how I feel about sex... so I mean I'm just like if it is a marriage proposal I'm gonna be compleatly at loss as what to say an if its not I'm gonna be upset because I know my hopes will get up for it... so rite now I'm compleatly guessing lol

    • You've been dating inconsistently and not for very long... make sure you're ready before you consider accepting a marriage proposal.

      I guess the best thing you can do in this situation is not get your hopes up. Expect to be disappointed. That way, if you aren't, you will be pleasantly surprised, and if you are, it won't throw you.

    • i think I'm just going to think about other things it could be