What is this guy's deal? Any insight is appreciated!

So there's this guy that works at my sister's job. He's 5 years older than me and has always seemed interested but has never really made a move. Recently, he texted me out of the blue (idk how he got my number - I never gave it to him) and we've been steadily interesting for about a month now. The thing is we only talk about sports (which is fine) but when our favorite team lost in the NBA Playoffs, I texted him, he didn't reply. It's been a week. What's his deal?

*texting not interested. "We've been steadily texting for a month..."


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  • Well, he was interested at some point in time because he made the effort of getting your number, presumably from your sister. He might still be interested, but keep in mind, women have trained us guys to ignore you to build attraction. And hey, it's working, you posted a question about it online. To answer your question, he was probably figuring out his options with you with no set goal in mind. If he doesn't text you back then you know.

    • I had a similar issue and since I'm always available in text with this guy, he texted one day and I ignored it for him to chase me and make a move,(after 3months of flirty txts, it was time for a date). But by me ignoring his text he didn't text for the following 3days, so I texted and he ignored it =\ So 2 days later I just said hey hope your doing OK, and he texted and even made a comment on hey you should watch this movie with me sometime. So now I think I SEE UR POINT, IS HE TRYING TO KEEP ME INTERESTED

    • Thanks for your feedback! Yeah I think you're right. It's been three weeks now. I guess I have my answer of what he thinks about me. I appreciate the response! :)

    • Also to the girl who posted here as well: yeah I know what you're going through and I'm sorry:( Boys are really confusing sometimes. Someone once told me that with things like this, if it doesn't happen naturally, then it probably shouldn't happen at all. I guess the best thing would be to live your life and not worry about him or where it's going. If it's meant to be something, it will find a way to be:)That's what I plan to do. Thanks for your response!

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