She just suddenly stops?

I have been texting this girl for a couple of weeks and we have fun talking. But their are times where she just doesn't reply back. I don't know why she does this. Yes she could be busy or she could be playing hard to get. It seems like she wants to talk to me. Like to day I texted her " you probably do better Because your an expert." she took a while to respond with " I love naps". And we kept talking after that then she just stops responding.


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  • She probably just sees you as a friend right now. If a girl really is into you she isn't going to make you wait forever for answer to a text (not unless you really piss her off). She'll wait by the phone for you.

    • But their are times when she responds within 2 mins. When we haven't talked in a while I'll text her out of the blue and she will reapond within 5 mins.

  • Okay you sound completly desperate right now! A girl can't spend every minute of everyday texting you. You need to lay off and realize that you are not the only thing going on in her life. Give her her space.


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