When I said Hi back, she never responded. Can anyone make sense of this?

I've been talking to this girl for a couple weeks and I guess you could say we've been dating. I've taken her to dinner twice, went over to her house, met her sister. Everything has been going really well...or so I thought. We had plans to make pizza together on Saturday night. Early Saturday I talked to her to confirm and she said she was helping a friend prepare for a bridal shower and she'd let me know when she was free. I went and bought the pepperoni, even got a special ice cream for her that I know she'd love. Saturday night came and went and I never even heard from her. She texted me this morning and said Hey, but when I said Hi back she never responded. I don't know what the heck happened. I didn't hear from her at all today (except for the one text). I'm trying to think the best and that she was just busy with her friend, but it seems kind of weird that she wouldn't even call or text me to let me know she wasn't going to be available for our pizza making and then not even talk to me the next day. The last time I saw her was a few nights ago where we watched a movie together then cuddled on the couch for an hour. Anyone have any insight?


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  • My guess is she was stressed/busy. She should have acknowledged it after, at least when you met up again. It is not good that she let it slide. Not much respect there.

    It is possible that she doesn't realize what it meant to you, she might not have known that you made the effort to buy some things for the night.


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  • omg...SO annoying! Who knows dude. Sorry to hear that! I think you should not get involved with girls like that! SO disrespectful. She thinks she can just walk all over you!


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  • Get rid of her phone number and move on. This girl is not worthy of your valuable time. If she really liked you, she would want to spend time with you. She blew you off because she has low interest in you.

    • I agree. If I were really into a guy, I'd make sure I follow my word.