Talking to an anonymous girl online living in close proximity?

Guys, would you be completely fine just being online friends with a girl who you have no clue what she looks like, but she lives nearby, or would the guy usually try to pull the relationship into a real life meeting...IOW, eventually get very curious about the girl, so that online relationship doesn't suffice any longer, so it becomes IRL meeting, or no online contact any longer?


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  • Some guys wouldn't mind having a pen pal, someone they can say things to and get a female perspective on. I've had plenty of Online penpals that I've never met IRL but I was very introverted when I met them (still am somewhat but a bit less now) and they don't live anywhere near me.

    The majority of guys though would angle for pics at some point and if they know you're in the same city and they like what they see try, to work on a RL meeting. There are a few exceptions but I would expect the majority to be like that. Deny them information about where you are or what you look like and you may see a split 50/50, of guys that are content with having you as a friend, and guys that consider you a tease and stop talking to you.


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  • Knowing that she's in reasonable range of me and we get along well I'd probably become curious what she looks like and why she hasn't shown me if we've been chatting a while. I would not try too hard to maintain a friendly relationship with her without some deeper interest in her.

    • understandable

    • This has happened before to me. But she finally showed me her picture and it was not to my interest. I'm still friends with her but over time we began to talk less and less.

  • Funny thing is; that exact thing is happening on this website lol

    • oh, how to add a more about your opinions?

    • sry, typo...*care to add more to your opinion

    • I'd be comfortable with whatever she is comfortable with.

      If she wants to meet up then we can. If not then not.

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