Is it wrong to date a client if they make the first move in a public setting?

just curious about whether or not it is OK / acceptable to date a client if they seek you out in a public place such as a bar and chat you up.

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Not sure if this changes anything but I am a tattoo artist.


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  • Hi there, as a professional in corporate world as well as now a business owner, this is not acceptable. We are in the age of litigation. Everyone wants to sue everyone when things go wrong and it is even worse regarding sexual harassment for men. I suggest you don't put yourself in this position because even if you have proof that she is coming after you, if your relationship does not work out and she decides to get froggy lol then you will still be dragged into several management offices, HR, law offices and possibly court just to prove that she came on to you. Unless you feel this woman is special and possibly your future wife then don't risk it. If you see a future with her then that is different and it is just as simple as continuing to meet with her professionally until you are sure you want to go for it and then going to your boss to switch this client to someone else. if you are not serious enough to tell your boss then its not that serious. Wish you the best. God bless

    • lol yeah your occupation changes things away lol. I thought this was a corporate occupation. Your field is a lot more lenient. It really now only depends on your personal business model on whether it is acceptable or not and to be honest the only thing that makes me question it is that fact that you came on here to ask so I would really ask yourself if you already feel like it bothers you? I would still take the precaution to not do it just for a fling cause it could get sticky

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  • It depends on the situation...


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  • I think it depends on the context of client..

  • This depends very much on what kind of profession you're in. What do you do?

  • I would!

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