No Call After Second Date

I met this girl a few weeks ago at a bar. I got her number, called her, we went on a date a week later. First date went okay, called her a few days later, and we met up for a second date. Second date was a little bit awkward. She seemed really shy and sometimes it was hard to keep the conversation going, but we ended up out for three hours. I drove her home, and when we got to her house, she just stayed in the car for five minutes before we started kissing, etc… I walker her to her door (as a gentleman, nothing else intended), and that was that.

Anyways, I texted her 2 days later in the am. She texts me back around 9pm, we do a little texting, and I respond with “I’ll call you in a few.” I called her, and end up having to hang up my phone very quickly because there was an accident in front of my call (I told her this), and that I’d call her right back. Two minutes later I call her, and she doesn’t pick up. I call her the next day, no pick up or returned call. I gave her one last call a day later, and same thing: radio silence. Normally I’d assume that two unreturned phone calls means that she doesn’t want to talk to me, but given the second date and how it went, I’m a bit surprised by this. Thoughts?


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  • meh would just forget about her.

  • Not interested

  • she's probably not interested. maybe she thought you were blowing her off. after the second date I would be a bit concerned if it took more than a day for him to get back to me.


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