Is it a good sign if he tells me why he didn't reply right away?

So this guy and I have an undefined...flirtation for lack of a better word (we've known each other a long time, been flirty for a few months and have kissed but aren't actually dating). He's been sending mixed signals that have me confused as to whether he's just enjoying the firtation, is genuinely interested, or has lost interest. Anyway, this weekend I texted him just to say hi, he didn't answer so I just figured he was busy or whatever no big deal. A day later he texted me to say he was camping and doesn't have cell reception at the site. Is it a good sign if he's telling me why he couldn't respond? I mean he could have just not replied and I wouldn't have thought anything of it- especially since he'd already not said anything for a day and he usually responds right away. Guys- do you tend to justify why you don't reply to girls only if you're interested, or is it just something you do to be polite?


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