Does this guy not want to hang out with me?

I texted a guy to see if he was busy this week and he texted back saying that he wasn't but he had to work every day till the afternoon. I then told him we should hang out sometime and he never replied. It was pretty late and he does work early in the morning but I'm afraid he won't ever text back. Does he not want to hang out with me?

Short history: He texted me straight for two months, we hung out a few times and he told me he really liked me. I'm home for the summer so he said he wants to see me more, but hasn't texted as much as he used to. Last time we saw each other was a month ago and we went to a club and he acted like we were together the whole night. Now he doesn't talk to me as much as he used to.


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  • Chances are it was late and he went to bed before he could answer or he's just waiting till the next day. Have some patience wait and see till the next day and then if there's no response by mid day ask if he got your text about hanging out.

    Possible reactions:

    1. he could say "great!" and set a date...

    2. he could be feeling that the relationship isn't progressing and feel a little depressed in your presence if your relationship isn't well defined yet, or...

    3. he could be interested in someone else and is being polite, I think this is the least likely.

    • Haha well he texted back, an hour and a half later asking if I want to tomorrow night. Now, I feel kind of like a booty call since he texted me a couple nights ago asking what I was doing at 2 am and called me babe. I have never slept with him, I never lead him to think I would sleep with him and I'm a very innocent girl, ha ha people make fun of me for it. So I don't know where he got the idea that I would, especially since he acted like he wanted to date me a couple weeks ago. But thanks! :)

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    • Ok thanks. Yeah a couple nights ago, he texted me at 2 am asking what I was doing that night (I think he was hoping I would go over to his place) then I told him I was going home from a friends he then said "oh OK, what are doing tomorrow babe?". Does that sound like a booty call to you? I haven't seen him since the end of April and we have only hung out a few times due to me being at school a few hours away. He is on and off with texting me, he never used to be. Is he just getting used to me?

    • It can only be assumed a booty call if there's some expectation that you actually would go see him late at night and possibly engage in some form of sex. If he's thinking that and you have no intention then he's just deluded, but chances are he's just feeling familiar enough with you that he can try and slip "smooth" lines like "babe" in to conversation and you'll just go with it. If you don't like it, you have to start calling him on it. Sporadic texts could just mean he's busy.

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  • Anonymous User:

    This is typical of guys. Give the girl the rush, then taper off, leaving her wondering what happened.

    If you find a guy that doesn't do that to you, marry him!



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  • Count your loss. He is done with you and gone. I had this happened to me recently but in my case after we had sex. I pretty much give up on him and just move on. He is never going to come back to me.

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