Why doesn't he ask for my number?

i met one guy at Craigslist , he invited me to meet in cafe, but he never asked my number, he wrote me on email...

i don't even know if I should go to meeting or not, because maybe we simply wouldn't not recognize each other and there is no phone to call and ask.

I am not gonna ask his number 1st.

what do you think, should I go or? and why he don't ask my number


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  • Ask for his number dumdum... Maybe he hasn't asked you because he thinks you might get offended

    • "I am not gonna ask his number 1st."

      can you read?

  • Perhaps he doesn't like you

    • what was the reason he wrote me then, lol

    • To see if he liked you

    • he woudnt write and invite out someone he doesn't like... you sound like idiot, really, blocked

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