I over think and later I find it is so stupid!!!! what to do?!?!?!

so I talk to my boyfriend like texting him and I will reread what he said and I over think everything! I want to stop this now but I don't know how I have tried b4 and I got better but I need to stop what I'm doing please help me! :)



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  • You have to force yourself on reading his text only once, reply, and then don't look at it anymore. And keep yourself busy to not overthink about what he said. If it doesn't work, delete his message just when you read it. You won't read it again that way.

    • AH! great idea thank you!...ive noticed I need to change my ways a little and that was the big one once I fix that it will be great! I can just read and draw and play modern warfare or something between texts to get my mind thinking of different things thank you!

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  • if he's your boyfriend, & you still don't understand what he's saying, maybe thre are some concerns you have , that you should discuss with him.

    i don't see why youd need to read into anything, if you felt good about where things r. maybe something is not right.

    otherwise if you are doing something & you don't want to, but can't stop. see a professional. if you really have no control.

    but, I'm inclined to think, as you know ahead of time, you do this, you really could, just stop. so most likely, you're unsettled about something& instead of addressing the problerm, you decide you're mental.

    there are more efficient ways of dealing with relationship, issues. imo.

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