Sending a text randomly: can you still look desperate?

So I had a bit of a crush in college. Post grad, he left the state. We didn't talk in forever. He randomly shot me a text. We talk for a bit and then we lose contact again. He randomly texts again. We talk. This time, like a week went by before I texted him. He responded immediately. Another week goes, I text again, quick response but he doesn't carry the convo.

So...yeah, I'm a busy person so I understand getting forgetful, but it's been two, maybe three weeks.. Nothing from him, I was the last to text. Did I come off as clingy? I'm confused since he's the one who tried keeping contact in the first place. Also, should I text him again or let it be?

I figured lol thanks fellas!


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  • He's just not that into you. He gets bored, and pings you with a text. Move on, at best he wants you as a booty call.

  • It's more likely that he's just not that interested in you. Nothing to do with you being clingy, he just has other things [or people] on his mind probably. Nobody is so busy you can't pop off a quick text in 3 weeks if he really cared much. You can text him again without seeming desperate, but the results aren't likely to change.


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