Should I go for type A or type B guy ?

Short background .. Type A is my boyfriend from two years..he has been a horrible guy to me , but he is learning and became a better person lately.. though he still has his snaps .. however, since he hurt me so much , now that he is better .. I'm not sure I feel the same about him . Type B guy .. is a dude that I know from a month only..once I realized I'm staring to have feelings for him , I told him we have to stop talking because its not fair to my bf.. a felt that a part of me died.. and now I'm torn between the two .. should I give B guy a chance.. or should I stick to my boyfriend ..

Type A (boyfriend) :

- He is younger than I am with one year

- He will graduate with me ( same year in college ) .. next year

- He is a D- student ..

- No stable job or career yet.

Type B guy :

- Graduated engineering this year

- Older than I am with two years

- He is an A student

- He is getting a stable job.

I am looking for marriage material .. and in the same time I'm not sure if I should give up on my boyfriend and give this guy a chance or not .. please help me decide what to do here.. I really don't know :S .. If it helps , I made this decision to continue with my boyfriend and see how our relation goes.. if it goes down ,then I ll speak to the other guy again ( if he won't get a girlfriend by then , then maybe we are meant to be ) .. I don't know , what do you think ?

I forgot to mention that once my relation with my boyfriend goes down , I ll break up .. and give the other guy a chance.. I know it feels like I'm using them .. but I don't know what to do :S


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  • The 2nd guy is the obvious choice. The 1st is hurting you and isn't going to be able to support you in the long run. If you go for the 2nd guy though, you'll have to make your intentions known. Make sure he knows that you are looking for a serious relationship and not just a quick fling.


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  • You should go with guy B. That is the logical choice. FYI, you will have some hiccups with guy B too. No relationship is a fairy tale 100% of the time.


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  • Go with Guy B.

    BUT FIRST, break up with the first guy. Explain to Guy B your situation with your (ex)boyfriend, and I think he'll understand.

    Give yourself some time before you start dating guy B.

    And make sure there's little to no tension or bad feelings between you and guy A.

    Once tensions are gone and drama has settled, then actually start dating guy B more.

  • Guy B! :) Make sure to tell him your relationship with your current boyfriend though. Also tell him that you actually want an actual relationship. No relationship is perfect but if Guy A has hurt you multiple times in the past he will most likely do it again (I'm not saying that he can't change and I'm not saying that guy B won't hurt you).

  • Guy B! Shouldn't even have to think about that one

  • really have to question that? o.o

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