I just need the support of someone! I feel like it's us against the world! :'(

:( :( I feel so hurt and alone and confused if I am making the right choice or not. I am following my heart and am with the most amazing man I have ever met. He is the most respectful, kind , funny, caring guy on the planet. We are in an LDR and it gets hard and will continue to be that way at times but we know we will be together at some point and have our goals and things planned out. It's just that I grew up so religious. Only allowed to wear skirts my whole life until a certain age, only allowed to date after high school and only to a man that was of my religion, no secular music besides church hymnals, ect. I'm not ashamed of my upbringing since it taught me a lot and everything but it makes it so difficult when it comes to men.

My guy is a different religion and I know my family will take forever in accepting that, that they will treat him wrongly at fist,ect. I Haven't told my family about him yet since both him and I agreed to wait until he moves to where I am and so that he can prove to them himself what he is like and who he is... so overall I have about 2 people that I have told about him that isn't religious or judging. One is an older gentleman who is always saying how it won't work because of the distance and the other was my friend who got into a disagreement with my guy, took things wrongly and now refuses to talk to him. I have tried expalining to her numerous amounts of times what he meant, he sent her a long apology letter asking her to forgive him which she never replied back to and once again I just reached out to her today and she still refuses to accept him.. its so haaard! I have enough to deal with already with the distance and him and I staying positive that for once I just would like someone else to see what we really have, respect it and treat him and I right. I'm in tears right now because I just feel so alone and like everyone I know is against us which I don't want it to be but I won't give him up because we aren't wrong or doing anything wrong. I know I have him but I can't go to him with every worry without hurting him because he needs just as much support as I do. Not negativity from me. I just don't know what to do or who to be able to share these things with and its just tearing me up inside. I jsut want one person to say that everything is okay and love us and support us. Everyone wants their family and friends to accept what they have but its not happening with the people I have told and won't happen with my family. :'( ;'( Does anyone have any advice?


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  • at least you have someone, life is not easy and waiting can be hard but you must overcome these things if you want to be in control of your life and happiness

    • :) Yes this is true and you are right. Sometimes its hard to just always hold on to that. I guess since that went down with my friend, I am reacting this way and having this down moment. Thanks for reminding me.

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