GRR I'm frustrated dating this guy! Need help!

I've been seeing him for over a year and he was normal when we were first going out but then started slowly pulling away from me and now he thinks he can talk to me whenever it suits him best. He won't go out of his way to even try to be with me anymore I'm so frustrated! The relationship hasn't even progressed further in this span..if anything I think that it has slowly went down! Is he a player or something?


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  • Let me ask you a seemingly unrelated question:

    If you take your current weight, and subtract the weight that you were at when you first started dating him, would you get a negative number? Or would it be a zero?

    • i'm not sure what this has to do with my question?

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    • so a man in a healthy relationship knows that its better to cherish what he has at home yet he still has an appetite to chase after women? I know some of my friends that have boyfriends and they've never cheated or disappeared or played games with them. They are probably some of the nicest guys that I have met!

    • Just because they've never cheated doesn't mean that other women aren't tempting to them.

      Different men prioritize differently.

      Additionally, a man's ease of access to the entire female population is a factor in the equation.

      A guy who doesn't have girls throwing themselves at him all the time will naturally feel less tantalized.

      It's that mixture between "can' and "will" that get a bit toxic.

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  • not sure if he's a player but I can tell you he's definitely not 100% invested in the relationship. either it's not that serious for him or he's trying to get out and ignoring you so that you'll get the hint and break up with him (i've had guys do that to me before, it sucks). either way you're not getting what you deserve.

    if you really want to keep this guy around though, then I would suggest doing the same thing he's doing - pull away and only talk to him every now and then. let him see what it feels like. maybe he feels suffocated and just wants some space. he'll either realize that he misses you and come back, trying to get your attention again, or you'll hear even less from him, in which case it's a HUGE sign you should break up. I know it's hard after a year but I think you should move on and find someone who actually wants to spend time with you.

    • yeah I've pulled away to the point of not really caring what he does that much any more..and he comes running back after a little while. Then when I give him a little attention he kind of goes away again. I'm not sure how he can be suffocated in this when I'm not even trying to talk to him anymore