What makes guys text or call more?

I have a guy friend who I think is into me that has been calling me just about everyday and checking on me.. but for about almost a week now I have not really been hearing from him so I've been calling him.. My question is what makes guys call or text more?.. I've heard ignoring him and just not calling at all but I'm not one to play games and at the same time I don't want to bother him.. When I told him I felt like I was bothering him he laughed.. Not sure what that meant but what will make him call or text me more? I feel like we are drifting apart

I don't know whether I should take it as he is into me or not?


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  • It's good that you don't want to play games by purposely ignoring him. Games like that are never good for a relationship in any stage.

    When you expressed your concern about bothering him and he reacted by laughing, it was probably a good sign. My guess is that it meant he wasn't feeling bothered by you, and was shrugging off and laughing at the idea that you could possibly bother him. This is a good thing.

    As for how to get him to call and text you more, you'll just have to be honest and say that you miss how he used to call and text more frequently. There's no 'trick' or 'game' you should play to get more of his attention, as such tactics are only bad for a relationship and will leave him feeling like he's being manipulated. Even worse, he might be too naive to realize he's being manipulated and will end up feeling hurt and confused. Either way he won't like it.

    It's nice that you don't want to be tricky like that, it means you're good material. So just do what a good friend would do and be honest, and just tell him sweetly that you miss his more frequent calls and texts.

    • Thanks a whole lot for your advice.. I definitely will do

  • Great conversation, genuine interest, or/and emotional attachment would make me call or text more. This guy could be calling you less because he feels that his advances are not getting anywhere with you or he could be testing the waters to know your interest level in him( if what he feels and does is reciprocated)

    • I know that he calls really all of the time so.. Since he kinda stopped these past couple days I decided to call him so he wouldn't feel that he hadta do all of the work. He talks to me when I call and he is concerned with what's wrong with me but I kinda think I'm not sure if I should take a step back because he may not be interested anymore

    • I think that you're over analyzing the situation, when a guy isn't interested in a girl he likely won't answer her calls and will cease all communcation. It's possible that he feel he's most of the work or is showing to much interest in you, then decided to take a step back.

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