How to make a guy chase you back?

Well? What do you think is the best way for a guy to chase you back? I kinda thought that I've been chasing on this guy too much. He cares about me though, he stands up for me when I got a problem, sticks with me through the dark times, etc. But I just hate that he seem to never even wanna commit to me (or any other girls), he's known to be a heart breaker, never even dated before, when I checked on his background and history, well, he is the type of guy who'd just 'break it off' with a girl when he knows that she's hoping to be more than just a friend, leaving her just like that. Or just end up being a friend with said girls. Well, I don't know what's it with me, every time I want out of this spider web flirting process he'd be like, "fine, good. I know that you never even loved me!" Or "I didn't mean anything to you!" Or something like that. He's mad at me for asking him to be 'just-friends' just recently. I want out of this but not before I make him chased me back, just so he knows how it feels. Well, what do you think is the best and most effective way to do that?


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  • Dating other guys will make him jealous and want you more. Then if you want to hurt him just give him a little bit of hope so that he keeps thinking he can get somewhere with you.

    Do you really have to do that though? Sounds like a waste of time.

    • Umm, to be honest it's because I still like him, that's why I want him to chase me back. I do want out of this thing though, I want him to chase me back, because he apparently 'want me to be wrapped around his finger' all the time. I just hate the fact that he has to be mad when I asked him to be friends, he stops answering my text, and when he answers, it'd be like 'k' or 'yes' or 'dunno'. What's up with him? Ugh.

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    • Agree. It is hard, I gotta admit. Especially hearing his ever-so-ridiculous reason why he never wanna commit to a girl (because he just want to date someone who he'll eventually marry. How can you know if you're going to marry a girl if you don't date her first, I wonder?-_-) and he also talks about me to his close friends, when I made a chocolate for him, argue with him, etc. He's confusing. Why would he told them things about me anyway? He's hard to be with. Should've just let go.

    • Ya, he has some commitment issues and he needs to figure out how relationships work. He probably does care for you but he is damaged goods. you aren't getting a square deal and you are cheating yourself by thinking he will change overnight. You might have to avoid him for a couple of years until he figures things out.

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  • One good night of sex

    And the guy would chase you for life


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