My guy friend isn't responding to me...why and what should I do?

One of my close guy friends and I live in different states but we usually text/call a few times a week. I recently spent an extended period of time with him and although nothing happened, I got this feeling that he had feelings for me.

The last few times we have spoken on the phone he said some things that alluded to him being interested in me but nothing super straight forward. (Like us taking a trip together just the two of us, us being married maybe to each other in the future).

I am in his hometown right now for a project I am working on and he hasn't responded to my texts or phone calls in 5 days. I am a little confused. It isn't like I rejected him because we have never actually talked about him possibly liking me...and both of us are single so he can't be mad about that.

What do you think?


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  • Anonymous User:

    He might be saying one thing and doing another; "voting with his feet."

    It'll be difficult to get a straight answer out of him, but "Do we have a future? If so, then let's work on it, otherwise drop it."

    You can't wait around for someone who ignores you for five days.


  • He probably just got the vibe that you weren't interested. If a guy reaches that point, they usually just give up and move on.


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