Ladies, if you could make a list of first date does and don'ts what would be on it?

Ladies, if you could make a list of first date does and don'ts for the man you're going on a date with what would be on it?


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  • basically...don't be rude, don't be too into yourself, don't try to move too fast physically.

    listen, relax, try to make her laugh unless you know for a fact you're not the joking type, ask about her, tell her a little about yourself, be polite, some light touching and teasing is welcomed, and smile.


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  • DOs

    eye contact, a compliment, smile, establish a base (interests, ideas, hobbies, tastes in arts)


    ask too hard of questions, ask about old relationships right away (or how many for god's sake), show up smelling bad or dirty, jump the gun with crazy plans, invite yourself in.

    Best of luck in the dating world!

  • I don't feel like making a list :p just don't try doing anything past making out! A guy tried to have sex with me on the first date after me paying for the dinner like it was really messed up

    • Especially after you paying, what a douche treating you like an equal and not jumping on the check.

    • right?! it was horrile

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