When and what do I text him?

So I met this guy today while his school was at ours to play in the rugby tourney (I really like him!)he'll be 18 tomorrow and I'll be 16 in a month.. So he flirted with me today and sat beside me and listened to me sing and when I paused to see if anyone was listening he encouraged me to keep going, he seemed to be really intrigued :) he said I was really good. He kept coming over to me and my friend and talked to us any chance he got, he made me laugh so hard and made even more jokes when he noticed I was laughing. He kept coming over to us every time he wasn't playing, and he could of sat with his buddies but instead he came and sat beside me and focused all his attention on us, at the end of the day said to me and my 2 other friends to get his number from my friend (who is buddies with him) and he said to text him my name..

So my questions..

When do I text him?


What do I say?

Thanks :)


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  • just keep it simple... he said to text him your name so I would start with "hey stranger :) it's ____" and see if he replies. will probably turn into a "what's up" "nothing" kind of thing but at least he'll have your number and can ask you out on a date if he wants that.

  • It was cool seeing you at the rugby tourney.

    Guard this number with your life ;)

    -your name