How do I tell him that I wanna hang out over summer?

I like this guy but I don't know he he likes me he playfully says I hate u, pinches the back of my arm (which I must say really hurts lol)He knows it hurts but still does it, touches me, looks at me a lot...(does he like me)?... How can I say that I wanna hang out with him over summer vaca (btw we live about 45mins away from each other)


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  • First, any time a boy does something like pinch you, it is a sign they like you. They want to prove they are in charge and that the have the ability to cause pain to any threat to you. Also, any time a boy touches you often, he likes you. Lastly, the "I hate you" is an attempt to excite a response from you to see if him "hating" you causes you discomfort or sadness, a tell you would like him. Two suggestions: One, play along when he says I hate you, but don't say I hate you back say something that shows him hating you causes you distress; this will be an indicator to him that you like him back. Two, just ask him, with as many tells as this guy is putting off, he will say yes. One more thing, as sad as I am to say it, men are extremely simple minded beings in most cases. DO NOT give extremely subtle tells you like him. Be as blatant as you can.

    • What should I say though? (when he says I hate you AND to tell him I wanna hang out over summer)

    • When he says I hate you, say something along the lines of I could never hate you. However, say it with a playful tone.

      As for asking him to hang out, just say, Do you want to hang out?"

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