Should I tell him how I feel?

We have been talking for a while had a few dates and well he's a really nice guy and he's told me he cares for me but I don't know where we are at. I don't know what he sees us as. What should I do?

He has kissed me, he keeps asking me on dates and he calls me things like princess and love but I just don't know...I'm blind to things lol should I ask him or wait off?


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  • What else do you expect? To kneel before you and ask you to marriage? Oh Good this is typical girl behavior ! You have all the signs and you still ask if you should tell him how you feel? of course YES!


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  • you should ask where you stand. because if you want a serious relationship and he doesn't it isn't worth wasting your time.

    • Would it mess things up? I don't want him to feel like I'm rushing things.

    • so wait until it's been a month. that looks more reasonable.

    • K thanks!